21 Celebrities with Dental Implants, Bridges and Veneers

Hollywood has a secret when it comes to creating the perfect smile: cosmetic dentistry. Dental implants, bridges, and veneers are some of the most common tools of the trade.

Curious to know who’s had dental work done?

 Check out our list of the 21 celebrities with dental implants, bridges and veneers.

Celebrities with Dental Implants

Tom Cruise

You’ll catch a glimpse of his natural teeth in “Risky Business.” Suffice it to say, Tom Cruise had quite a bit of straightening to do, gaps to eliminate, and chips to correct as well.

Tom Cruise Had to have teeth straightening

By the time he appeared in “Mission Impossible,” the heartthrob had perfect teeth, courtesy of braces and porcelain veneers.

George Clooney

Actor George Clooney has one of the best celebrity smiles. It evolved a bit over the years though.

George Clooney uses dental veneers because of his earlier habit of grinding his teeth.

In his earlier days, his pearly whites were visibly shorter due to his alleged grinding. Known as bruxism, this habit wears away the biting surface of teeth. It can result in other issues like cracked teeth and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems too.

Those who grind at night can have a nightguard made by the dentist to protect their chompers. Based on Clooney’s brilliant white teeth and fuller look, it appears as if he’s had dental veneers placed to correct the damage and improve his look too.


Mike Tyson

Boxer Mike Tyson has had more than one smile makeover in his lifetime. According to his wife Kiki, the gold tooth he used to bite off a portion of Evander Holyfield’s ear was necessary. “His tiger, Kenya, headbutted him,” she says.

Mike Tyson has had a fair share of missing teeth.

When he later revamped his smile, he ditched the gold and closed the gap between his front teeth. This was most likely accomplished with dental veneers.

Because it was his signature look, the heavyweight champ had the gap added back later. Tyson’s boxing career reportedly left him with a few missing teeth to replace with dental implants as well.


Miley Cyrus

Fans watched Miley Cyrus grow up on TV as Disney’s Hannah Montana. Her crooked teeth were adorable in her youth. However, she had some work done to achieve the beautiful smile she has today.

Miley Cyrus had crooked teeth. But she had work done. Now look at her teeth whitening .

Her look could be achieved with orthodontics and teeth whitening. The rapid transformation suggests dental veneers instead though.


Victoria Beckham

Prior to becoming Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham was slightly less posh. Her front left tooth angled awkwardly toward the midline a bit.

Victoria Beckham had to has cosmetic dentistry because her left front tooth angled awkwardly. Now with dental veneers and bonding her smile is beautiful.

After her rise to fame, she reemerged with a dazzling white smile. Plus, four of her upper teeth reshaped, suggesting dental veneers or bonding. Beckham later extended it to six teeth, expanding the full width of her smile.


Christie Brinkley

Supermodel Christie Brinkley has always had great oral health. She attributes this to good genes and proper dental care.

Christie Brinkley has always had good oral health and dental care.

However, the bombshell was involved in a horrifying helicopter crash some years ago. She injured her wrist and broke two of her molars in the accident.

Brinkley says they were replaced with dental implants and openly gushes about how the look and feel natural.


Gary Busey

Gary Busey was injured in a motorcycle accident in 1988. The actor was not wearing a helmet and sustained injuries to his face.

Gary Busey had to have dental surgery to repair damage and replace missing teeth.

Most reports suggest his dental work after was purely cosmetic. However, dental surgery to repair damage and replace missing teeth is usually necessary after accidents like this.


Morgan Freeman

Actor Morgan Freeman had a gap between his front teeth and some staining. The latter is common as people age.

Morgan Freeman had gaps in his teeth. He took care of this and with teeth whitening and dental veneers or bonding you can't tell.

A few years back, he had the gap closed and his teeth became visibly brighter. Teeth whitening with dental veneers or bonding is the usual fix.


Demi Moore

Demi Moore also experienced yellowing as she aged. Her smile makeover included lengthening and brightening her teeth.

Demi Moore had yellowing early in life. She has had dental veneers which makes her look more youthful.

The more youthful look was likely achieved through dental veneers.


Cheryl Cole

Prior to becoming an X Factor judge, Cheryl Cole had visibly pointed canines. They jutted out a bit from their neighbors too.

Chery Cole had visibly pointed canines. She has had porcelain veneers done.

These days, she’s sporting a perfectly even red-carpet smile. It’s courtesy of porcelain veneers, of course.


Ben Affleck

Actor Ben Affleck has one of the most charming smiles in Hollywood.

Ben Affleck has one of the most charming smiles in Hollywood. He has been using caps before filming Armageddon.

Nevertheless, a quick look at his teeth in “Goodwill Hunting” shows the star has had a few dental procedures done.

His teeth were once shorter and had a few gaps. Now, they’re now longer, brighter, and more evenly spaced.

According to People magazine, Producer Jerry Bruckheimer arranged for the star to have caps placed prior to filming Armageddon.


Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones wasn’t born with a great smile. In fact, she says she was teased as a child over her crooked teeth.


Catherine Zeta Jones was teased as a child for having crooked teeth. She now is one of the famous people who have a full set of veneers.


She wore braces as a result, but it wasn’t enough. She’s now one of the many famous people who went all out with a full set of veneers.


Celine Dion

Before becoming a mega hit, Celine Dion had a gummy smile and had pointed incisors. This made her teeth look uneven.

Celine Dion had to have gum re contouring to help her not have such a gummy smile.

Gum recontouring was likely used to create a wider smile. The shape of her teeth may have been addressed through minor reshaping or veneers too.


Ed Helms

Actors often go to great lengths to play their roles. However,

Ed Helms has dental implants that were placed decades ago. It was no problem for him to play his role without a tooth, as he just took it out.

Ed Helms didn’t have to work hard to make it look like he lost a tooth in “The Hangover.” The star had dental implants placed decades ago. So, he just had his removed for the shoot.


Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff grew up on the Disney Channel, playing the role of Lizzie McGuire.

Hilary Duff had a slight crooked smile. Then she had her tooth chipped. She had no choice but to go with veneers after.

Like Miley Cyrus, the other Disney Channel starlet, Duff had a slightly crooked smile. She initially opted not to correct it. However, a rogue microphone chipped one of her anterior teeth. It left her with no other choice but to address it with veneers.


Zac Efron

Zac Efron has come a long way from starring in Disney’s “High School Musical” to playing the role of serial killer Ted Bundy and his teeth have undergone quite a transformation too.

Zac Efron had originally had a gap in the front two teeth. This is just speculation as it appeared over night to be corrected. He possibly had dental procedures done like invisalign or veneers.

As a child, he sported a gap between his two front teeth. It disappeared seemingly overnight and without the use of metal braces. This leaves two possible dental procedures; Invisalign or veneers.

For the role of Ted Bundy, Efron had fake teeth made. They worked similar to dentures in that they could pop on and off. They were designed to fit over the top of his natural teeth though.


50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent has had more than his fair share of dental woes. He was shot eight times in 2000 and two of those bullets struck his face.

50 Cent has been in some tough places in life. He was shot eight times back in 2000. After dealing with the left overs he decided to have cosmetic dentistry work done. He opted for veneers and whitening.

It left him with shrapnel in his tongue and cost him a tooth. As the years rolled on, his teeth yellowed. This made a crown on his front tooth look out of place.

Because this was paired with a gap, other musicians took to calling him “Bugs Bunny,” prompting 50 Cent to revamp everything with a full suite of cosmetic dentistry, including veneers and whitening.


Chris Rock

When he was younger, Chris Rock had top teeth that jutted out a bit. They formed an upside-down “v” shape.

Chris Rock had to have cosmetic dentistry done. His work includes things like dental implants and veneers.

The actor reportedly took a fair part of his earnings from “Lethal Weapon” and funneled it into cosmetic dentistry. His work includes things like dental implants and veneers.



Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was self-conscious of her crooked smile. So, she didn’t smile much in the early days of “Jersey Shore.”

Snooki had a crooked smile. She had Lumineers placed. It's basically a ultra-thin veneer.

To correct it, the reality TV star reportedly had Lumineers placed. That’s a brand name for a special type of ultra-thin veneer.


Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey wanted to make his “Dumb and Dumber” character, Lloyd Christmas, look more “deranged.”

Jim Carrey went to extra lengths for his role in dumb and dumber. So he asked his dentist to remove some bonding on his front tooth.

It dawned on him that he could just ask his dentist to remove some bonding on his front tooth. The star had the repair made when he chipped it as a child.


Keith Urban

In his younger days, country music star Keith Urban sported a gap-toothed grin. These days, the gap is gone and his teeth are whiter.

Keith Urban supported a gap toothed grin. These days, the gap is gone! He probably had veneers and teeth whitening work done.

This suggests he went the route of veneers too.

FAQs About Dental Implants, Bridges and Veneers

  • How many years does a dental implant last?
  • Long-term studies show dental implants may last 25-30 years.
  • Do most celebs have veneers?
  • Quite a few celebrities have veneers. Chances are, if you see a Hollywood A-lister with a perfect smile, that’s their secret.
  • Do celebrities have dentures?
  • It’s rare to see a celebrity who wears full dentures. Implants are sturdier and more natural replacement.
  • Can dental implants fall out?
  • Dental implants anchor into the bone, similar to the root of a tooth. Although one could technically “fall out,” it would be incredibly rare. They have as much as a 98% success rate.

How to Get Perfect Teeth Like Celebrities

Celebrity smiles are tailored to the individual. If you’d like a red-carpet smile, schedule a smile design consultation to learn more.

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